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Hai una domanda sullo studio o sulla pratica in generale, dai un'occhiata alla lista qui sotto. Qui abbiamo raccolto le domande più comuni sollevate dai miei pazienti durante le nostre sessioni.

  • What is Chiropractic
    The word “Chiropractic”is derived from Greek, and it means “to be done by hand.” Chiropractors use a range of techniques to reduce pain, improve function and increase mobility, including hands-on manipulation of the spine and other joints of the body for example shoulders, hips etc. As well as manual treatment, chiropractors are able to offer a package of care which includes advice on self-help, therapeutic exercises and lifestyle changes to achieve your goals.
  • What is a Chiropractic adjustment?
    A Chiropractic adjustment is a very safe, specific, controlled force applied to a joint to restore its proper function and mobility. During the chiropractic adjustment it's normal to hear a “popping” sound (“the crack”) which is caused by the formation of a bubble within the space between joints and it is a non-painful technique. Accidents, falls and stress can negatively impact your spine and other joints. These changes impact tissues, the nervous system and other areas of the body. Left unresolved, this can make you more susceptible to chronic problems.
  • What is a treatment plan?
    Either suffering from acute or chronic pain, chiropractic care is here to help you. Your chiropractor, on your first visit, will recommend a plan that will help to reduce your pain, improve your body's function to recover better and decrease the risk of your complaint relapsing.
  • Is chiropractic treatment safe?
    Chiropractic is generally safe when performed correctly by a trained and registered chiropractor. Chiropractors study for at least 4 years at a University and they are qualified to recognize any red flags or contraindications to treatment, and therefore they adapt their treatment for their patient’s safety.
  • Are there any side effects from Chiropractic treatment?
    Some people may experience side effects from treatment, such as: mild ache, bruising or tiredness.
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